Promocode Terms & Conditions

Promotional Codes cannot be applied to sale items or combined with any other promotions.

Astylar E-Gift Cards are excluded from all promotional discounts. 

Many promotion codes hold a minimum purchase requirement amount for eligibility.  This amount is the subtotal of the order, calculated before any taxes/shipping fees. This is a fixed amount associated with the code and will not be accepted below the amount. 



  • Promotional codes are limited to one per customer per purchase and are good for a one time use only per customer and can only be used on full price merchandise.
  • The promotion codes have no cash value and if a return is made, your account will be credited only in the amount that you paid – total amount at checkout less the value of the coupon code.
  • Promotional codes cannot be combined with other promotions. Astylar may run promotions designed to attract new customers or increase sales. In connection with these promotions, any person that receives credits, coupons, prizes or other benefits from Astylar by using multiple user accounts or email addresses, using false names, impersonating others, or through the use of any other fraudulent or misleading conduct, shall forfeit any credits, coupons, prizes or benefits obtained through such means, and may be liable for civil and/or criminal penalties under applicable law. Astylar reserves the right to refuse or alter any promotion at its discretion. The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion.
  • Promotion codes are not retroactive and price adjustments will not be issued to orders placed prior to the start of any promotion.

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